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All About | Kentridge High School

Kentridge High School

by Sonal Shukla

Kentridge High School has been listed within the top 100 schools in Washington three times, ranked 56th overall. Classes are taught by fully qualified and credentialed teachers who have acquired the previous knowledge and experience that is necessary for teaching a class. Kentridge also offers extracurricular opportunities to develop its students’ skills in athletics or the arts.

Introduction to the High School

The Kentridge High School is a comprehensive public high school located in the town of Kent, Oregon. It was founded in 1913 and offered athletic, academic and enrichment opportunities to over 1,000 students in grades 9 through 12. Activities provided at Kentridge include football, basketball, track and field, cross country, soccer, tennis, water polo, wrestling and golf. Special programs include music theatre (classical and rock), film appreciation/arts and technology. The Ming Hao Chinese Student Association sponsors an annual Chinese cultural festival that attracts over 400 participants throughout eastern Oregon.

Common names of Courses

Common names of Kentridge High School courses include: 

Department names include: 

The school offers a wide variety of classes and subjects to its students. In addition to the traditional high school curriculum, Kentridge has expanded its offerings by creating new courses designed to meet the specific needs of its students and their careers. Many of the school’s courses have earned certification from the Washington State Department of Education (WSDOE). The following are some examples: 


Kentridge offers several Advanced Placement

which are accessible to students at no extra cost. These classes provide college-level coursework that can be used to prepare for college exams. Students who complete an AP class may receive college credit or a higher grade on their high school transcript. The table below lists some popular AP classes at Kentridge High School. 


KHS also offers dual enrollment programs with various colleges and universities in Washington State. This program allows high school seniors to take classes while continuing their education. Dual enrollment can help students graduate earlier and save money on tuition costs. There is no fee associated with this program, and each student is allowed to enrol in a maximum of 12 semester hours per year. As a bonus, dual enrollment credits count as regular credits towards graduation requirements at KHS. 


For more information about Kentridge High School’s courses and departmental offerings, please visit our website or contact us directly.


Common Names of Meeting Rooms


Kentridge High School offers a variety of indoor meeting spaces that can accommodate a variety of different events. The Student Activities Center (SAC) is perfect for hosting large social gatherings, like school dances or proms. With its spacious dance floor and a wide variety of seating options, the SAC can easily accommodate groups of 200 to 300 people.


The Multi-Purpose Room (MPR) is another excellent option for groups of up to 100 people. It’s perfect for classrooms needing extra meeting space or smaller gatherings, like company meetings or club meetings. The MPR has a small stage, comfortable chairs, and ample screen space for displaying presentations or videos.


The Drama Theater provides a unique setting for events that need a more theatrical atmosphere. Its high ceiling and large stage create an immersive environment perfect for presenting performances or staging events like fashion shows. The Drama Theater also has a sound system and video equipment, so you can easily create a professional-looking event.


Finally, the Dance Studio offers a unique opportunity to learn how to dance in a relaxed environment without any pressure. It’s perfect for beginner dancers or students who want to take their dancing skills further than the classroom setting will allow. The Dance Studio also has plenty of chairs and space to hold classes and workshops, making it an ideal location for learning new techniques or practising your routines.




At Kentridge High School, administrators work to create a safe and supportive educational environment for their students. The administration department oversees school policy and ensures that all students receive an equal education. Administrators support faculty and staff, maintain facilities and coordinate community liaisons. Additionally, they work with parents and guardians to help ensure that our students are successful in their studies.




With countless students walking through the cafeteria doors daily, it’s challenging to stand out. The Kentridge High School Cafeteria aims to provide a unique and convenient eating experience for its patrons.


The Cafeteria is divided into four sections: the Main Hall, the Grill, the Terrace, and the Food Court. Each team has unique features that can make your meal more enjoyable.


The Main Hall is home to the hot food buffet and the salad bar. There are also several stations where you can grab a bite to eat between classes. The Grill has separate areas for burgers, dogs, chicken nuggets, and more. Plus, there’s always something new on the menu! The Terrace gives you an outside seat with views of all the school grounds while you enjoy your meal. And lastly, in case you need some sustenance after working up an appetite at school, the Food Court offers a wide variety of snacks and drinks.


Whether you’re in a hurry or want to take your time eating, there’s something for everyone at Kentridge High School’s Cafeteria. Come check it out today!




Kentridge High School has a state-of-the-art gymnasium that is perfect for any event. The gymnasium can seat up to 2,500 people and has a natatorium and racquetball court. The gym also has an audio-visual system with three screens that can be used for athletic events or presentations. If you’re looking for a space to hold an event that’s the perfect size, look no further than the Kentridge High School gymnasium.




Kentridge High School is a public high school located in Kent, Washington, United States. It is part of the Seattle Metropolitan Area School District and enrols about 1,800 students in grades 9-12. The school found in 1907 as a one-room schoolhouse and has had several name changes since then. 

Kentridge offers its students challenging academic programs while maintaining a strong emphasis on character and morals. Students may select from over 50 clubs and organizations to get involved in during their time at KHS, including Chess Club, Anime & Manga Club, Dance Team, Environmental Science Club, Gay-Straight Alliance (GSA), Future Business Leaders of America (FBLA), Film Society, Historical Society, Key Club, Mock Trial Team, Music Department, National Honor Society (NHS), Robotics League (ROBOTICS!), Spanish Language Honor Society (SLHS), Student Council Association (SCA), and Track & Field.


Facilities at Kentridge High School include:

  • An Olympic-size pool with a diving well.
  • Two gymnasiums.
  • A multi-use arena which can be use for basketball or volleyball games.
  • Four tennis courts.
  • 18 coed athletic fields.
  • Three full-size football fields.
  • Three baseball diamonds.
  • Six lacrosse fields.
  • A strength & conditioning centre with workout equipment for both gym members and non.


Test scores at Kentridge high school


In the 2015-2016 school year, Kentridge High School had a 97% graduation rate. The average SAT score for students who graduated in 2015 was 1240, and the average ACT score was 32. In addition, 95% of students were award undergraduate scholarships or grants totalling $9 million.


Kentridge High School is known for its rigorous academic programs and Award-winning faculty. The school offers more than 60 Advanced Placement (AP) and International Baccalaureate (IB) courses and dual enrollment opportunities in associate degree programs at nearby colleges and universities.

Level Of Students

Most of Kentridge’s students are members of one of the three student bodies: upper-level students, juniors, or sophomores. Each has its schedule and specific expectations that must be met to remain within the school community. Students are also expected to participate in school governance and extracurricular activities.


When it comes to academics, no one does it better than Kentridge! Not only are their test scores consistently high, but their ACT/SAT averages continue to rise year after year, with about 98% of graduates receiving either a scholarship or grant totalling $9 million in total value… so you can be sure your kids will have plenty of financial support no matter what path they choose!


School Data


Kentridge High School is a public high school located in Kent, Washington. It is in  1889 and an enrollment of about 1,600 students. Kentridge has been nationally recognize for academics, with “Newsweek” ranking it as one of the top 100 public high schools in the United States. The school stands out for its dual enrollment program, which allows students to take college courses while still attending high school.


In addition to its rigorous academic standards, the school’s athletic programs have also been highly successful. The boys’ soccer team was rank second in the state of Washington in 2015, and the girls’ golf team capture the state championship in 2016. In 2017, the boys’ cross country team finished second in the state and qualified for the National Western Regionals competition.


The facilities at Kentridge are top-notch, with state-of-the-art tennis courts, several natatoriums, and a stadium that can accommodate up to 3,000 spectators. Students can also enjoy a variety of clubs and organizations, including Chess Club, Dancesport Club, Skills USA Chapter (a leadership training organization), Quiz Bowl Club (an interscholastic quiz bowl event), Reed Dance Team (award-winning ballroom dance club), Art Club (a painting and sculpture club), and more.

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