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Kids Themed Birthday Cake Ideas

by Sneha Shukla


To date – cakes are some of the most popular delicacies to share and enjoy on any occasion. In ancient times, they would only make appearances at weddings. But, they have evolved with new designs and recipes. Now we have a wide range of cake options from which to choose depending on the occasion and recipient. If you are looking for the perfect cake to surprise your little one on their birthday, kid’s themed cakes are a perfect choice. And it never goes without saying that finding the perfect cake can be an overwhelming task with a plethora of options available today. Bakeries providing online cake delivery in Goa provide a seamless experience for anyone to avail of a luscious themed cake without leaving the comfort of their home. In this post, we share kid’s themed birthday cake ideas. Read on.

First things first
It is essential to know what the recipient desires and love. Kids are easy to spot, and they always talk about their hobbies and favourite cartoon characters. Some of the most popular cartoon characters every kid, even those young at heart, know are Tom & Jerry, Barbie, Superman, and unicorn cakes. You can have the cakes to imitate the cartoon characters and encrusted with the theme colours. Now you need to pick the right cake flavours.

Cake flavour
The best birthday cake memories are etched with the right cake flavours. Surprise your little one with their favourite cake flavour. Some of the most popular cake flavours the world over are chocolate, pineapple, vanilla, fruit, black forest, red velvet, truffle, and butterscotch. You can also customise the cake ingredients and baking instructions to make your little one’s dream cake come true.

Theme cake options
There is a wide variety of themed cakes available today, from which you can choose the best cake option. So, when you are looking for a cake to surprise your little princess, consider cakes like a minion, unicorn, and Barbie cake, and for boys, Superman, Chotta Bheem, and car cake.

Minion Cakes
The Despicable Me funny minions are every kid’s favourite. Accessing a minion cake is easy, like cutting through a cake. Customise the cake ingredients, flavour, photo, and design for the birthday girl or boy.

Unicorn Cakes
The unicorn cake is another adorable character cake. It is usually ordered for baby showers. You can send cakes to India for the 1st and 2nd birthdays of the baby as well through the Indian gifting website. These cakes feature magical designs. They also have a slash of dazzling colours.

Superman Cakes
There is indeed a cake for everyone with minion cakes for boys and girls and Barbie cakes specifically for girls. Boys also have their treatment with the blockbuster Spiderman cakes, and other Superhero themed cakes. It is a dream cake for boys. Surprise your little hero with a lip-smacking and enticing Superman cake paired with vanilla, chocolate figurines, and truffle flavours.

Barbie cakes
The Barbie doll is one of the most popular toys for every little girl. Make the best impressions on your little princess on her birthday with a delicious Barbie cake. Take the surprise to another level and surprise her with a pull-me-up barbie cake. So, investigate her favourite Barbie dress doll and then inform your bakery to make the exact colour creamy drip. Check for creative and trending Barbie cake decoration ideas on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube.

In Conclusion
Gifts bring happiness to both the giver and the receiver. Express your love, care, and joy to your little ones with a tasty and well-decorated birthday cake from the best cake shop in town. Worry no more about going from pillar to post looking for the perfect cake! Search for a trusted online cake store that provides delivery to your loved one. Make a shortlist of the leading cake stores, compare cake varieties, prices, and customer reviews to help you find the best store.

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