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Lost Ark Guide – 10 Best Quests Explained

by Sonal Shukla

The main plot of Lost Ark takes you to several different places around the map. During the leveling process, your characters will often encounter main quests. 

You will almost reach level 40 if you adhere strictly to the main path. In our Lost Ark walkthrough, you will learn about all the quests on that path, which will prepare you for your journey.

Top Quests in Lost Ark

Lost Ark’s main quest line is one of its most intriguing features. Players complete these quests with their characters up to level 50 because they provide the most experience points. 

Players go on to other continents after level 50. We must complete the main quest line as soon as possible since it unlocks several important contents.

The number of tasks varies from continent to continent because of the history of these areas. A summary of some quests can be found on this page so that you can see your progress.

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  • Crossroads of Destiny

You can get it right after choosing your subclass when you chat with Beatrice. Once the conversation is finished, it will automatically close.

  • To the Forgotten Land

At Trua’s dock, talk to Maba. Click through the introductory dialogue and the item he gives you. A priest will ask for assistance after the item has been equipped and has been spoken to again. To provide him with water, you should gather water. 

After you have passed the campfire, there is an icon on the ground. Go to the priest and get some water. From there, you can find Gorka to your left. 

Afterward, you will find the rest of the group. You will be fighting trolls after you watch a brief cutscene. The enemies are quite numerous, so you can click away to your heart’s content and learn how your skills work. After that, you’ll begin another quest.

  • Bird in the Ruins

Defending a camp sounds like a waste of energy for Gorka. Consult the priest afterward. You must then examine the tent on your right then interact with an adventurous member on your left. 

Finally, you must return to the priest. Your skills page will be briefly described by him. To reach a new expedition point, you must destroy a barricade manually. Afterward, you can use a boat to reach the new expedition point.

The first thing you will be taught when you arrive on the island is how to climb over ledges. You will then face another group of trolls, followed by the mini-boss battle. Now it turns out you have to destroy the bridge because your allies will do it to you. There’s nothing to worry about; you can jump over.

  • Released Light of Destiny

The mission begins when you step through the ground-level portal. Start following the light after watching the cutscene. You won’t get lost here as there is only one path. By interacting with the cliffs, you can move through the rumblings. 

The first proper boss will appear after you reach the end of the path. During this fight, your potions will come in handy since it isn’t hard. When you want to save a few of them, make sure you watch out for the enemy’s attacks. 

Be sure to dodge once the red glow appears. Since most of the attacks are frontal, you’ll be fine as long as you keep moving around the boss. The prologue is now over.

  • The Priest

Your route will take you to Prideholme, where you will be meeting another peculiar priest. Once you’ve greeted him, a bunch of people will come after you. Try to be as helpful as possible before talking to Armen. There is nothing else to do for this quest.

  • Legends and Fairytales

It’s time to take things seriously. Get in touch with Neria at Neria’s Tavern, near the northeast corner of town. You will receive an Adventurer’s Tome from her. Once you’re done talking with her, head outside to Alayla’s Gear Shop. 

It will seem like she’s laughing off the issue and will suggest you ask Ruden instead, who is in the city’s center. Step two is to activate the Vista by heading to the tree near the cathedral and following the prompts. 

Talk to Ruden again once you have watched the cutscene. It would help if you also stopped by the southern part of town to speak to Nall. Activating your first Triport will then follow. Meet Siera in the plaza after chatting with Nall again.

After a brief introduction, you will get the instrument and sheet music for Song of Escape. After a brief introduction—Right-click on the instrument and sheet music in your inventory. You can complete the quest as soon as you complete the last chat.

  • Armen Besieged

Take Armen up on his invitation to Prideholme. It won’t be an easy ride. Once Armen is recovered from the crash, prepare for an influx of enemies to come your way. Destroy all enemies and assess Armen’s situation.

  • Savior

Things are looking up. If you want to find Armen, you’ll need to head to the Prideholme Cathedral. After you cross the bridge with the guards, a cutscene immediately takes place, and you are taken to the city. 

The healing will take place within the cathedral. The crowd will not let you pass, so don’t worry – you can watch the conversation unfold until it is your turn to pass. Talk to Varut afterward to complete the quest.

  • Legacy of the Ancients

 You can talk to Arzhul, who lives outside Prideholme in Loghill. The next step will take you to an open area, so beware of any enemies nearby. Take the north road and proceed to the first relief carving.

  • Varut’s Gift

Your mount needs to be “equipped.”. To do this, click right on the horse in your inventory. To open the mount menu, press Alt + V. 

Mounts can be summoned whenever you want from here, but I recommend selecting one of the quick slots – I chose nine, but that is totally up to you. All you have to do is hop on your horse, and you’ll be done.

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