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How to Prepare for an Interview

How to Prepare for an Interview: Tips and Tricks

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Interviewing for jobs can be stressful and overwhelming, but it’s not as challenging as you might think. By equipping yourself with these interview tips and tricks, you’ll be well on your way to leading the interview, impressing the interviewer, and getting the job of your dreams! Here are 10 great questions to ask the interviewer that will give you a head start in the process!

Know your CV

It’s tempting to wing your interview, but doing so can be risky. Before proceeding, consider reading through your CV (course life) one last time – you should know it like you know your name. If there are any flaws or mistakes in your resume, now is a good time to clear them up; Don’t show up in an interview without knowing what you want them to tell you about yourself.

Practice Mock Interviews

Practice Makes Perfect. There is no better way to prepare than by practicing in a mock interview. With these, you can get a feel for what questions might be asked and how you should answer them (and take it a step further—try answering those questions in front of a mirror). This will help you feel more comfortable during your actual interview, which means you’ll perform better (which increases your chances of getting hired).

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Read the Job Description Carefully

There’s nothing worse than not being prepared for a job interview, but your interview can also be used to find out whether you want or can do it. Start by making sure you understand what, exactly, what role you’re interviewing for – reading job descriptions is one of those things that sounds easy until you try it! Are there a lot of acronyms or industry-specific lingo?

Brainstorm Questions

The easiest way to prepare for a job interview is to ask yourself what do I want to know about them? If you’re interviewing with a digital marketing agency, you’ll want information about their social media strategy or how they approach paid media. If you are interviewing with a recruiting firm, you will probably have questions about diversity in recruiting.

Practise, practice, practice

This is why most successful athletes spend hours practicing their sport. Top performers don’t just wing it; They make sure they are prepared by practicing beforehand. In many ways, the interview is no different. Your interviewer will evaluate you on your social skills, creativity, confidence, and problem-solving ability – all of which are easily improved with practice. If possible, find someone who has recently gone through a similar interview process to try your answers on them.

Practise, practice, practice

Ask a friend or relative to help you practice

Before your interview, ask a friend or relative if they would participate in a mock interview. Have they asked you questions like What do you know about our company? And why do you want to work here? Your friends or family members can help you feel comfortable about the structure of the interview and coach you to ensure that your responses are clear, concise, detailed, honest, and well thought out.


It is important to prepare for any type of interview, whether it is with a potential employer or admissions office. Here are some things you can do before your meeting that will help you feel more comfortable and make a good impression on whoever you’re talking to.

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