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Shopping on EMI: Buying Your Favourite Stuff Made Easy

Shopping on EMI: Buying Your Favourite Stuff Made Easy

by aman

Everybody has a monthly budget. However, one unexpected cost can sabotage it completely.
What if you need to purchase something that doesn’t impact your budget for the month? You
can do this by purchasing it with EMI. The purchase of EMI allows you to purchase virtually
anything you want. Let’s take a look at what you could buy with EMI.

6 Things You Can Buy Using EMI

1. Home Appliances

You can purchase every household appliance with EMI. From TVs or washing machines to
microwaves as well as refrigerators, ACs, and even the microwave.

Do you want to purchase the latest model but can’t pay the whole amount up front? You can
because EMI lets you buy this appliance in installments. It’s unnecessary to settle for a lesser
model just because you can’t pay for the model you want.

2. Personal Appliances

Laptops and smartphones are to be second nature for all. Every person has either or both of
these devices. Newer models of high-end flagship and budget smartphones(smartphones under
10,000) and laptops are being launched every other day to keep up with the rising demand.

If you’ve thought of buying a flashy new smartphone, but it is not within your budget, go with the
EMI plan. You can buy the phone or laptop you want without putting a dent into your budget or

3. Fashion Accessories

Are you the fashionista in your circle? Do you hate the prices for the shoes, clothes, and
accessories you like? EMI is the best way to take.

Purchase that chic handbag or that trendy pair of shoes. Make use of EMI and purchase
whatever you’re looking for. Whatever it cost.

4. Travel

If you’ve got a travel desire, then you’ll wish to go to the most places you can. It’s not as costly
as you think because EMI allows you to travel at a reasonable cost.

You can reserve your hotel as well as flight tickets through EMI. These are the most significant
travel costs. Therefore, when choosing the EMI choice, you can effortlessly break up the
expense into smaller installments. Which option would you pick? The possibility of paying
upfront Rs 45,000 to purchase a ticket for a flight or paying Rs 15,000 for EMI for three months.
This is the latter, indeed?

5. Fitness

Many people do not attend the gym because of the cost of membership. Could you not become
one of them?

You will be able to find fitness centers and gyms throughout the nation that permit members to
pay for their gym membership using EMIs.

6. Healthcare

An unexpected medical emergency could cause a massive gap in your wallet if you’re not
financially prepared for it.

There are a lot of hospitals and clinics that permit patients to pay for non-elective and elective
treatments using EMIs that are simple to produce.

Therefore, you do not need to compromise your health or worry about it.
Whatever you want to purchase, you can use the MoneyTap ShopOnTap option to obtain a
credit line approved in a single. Select your EMI amount and duration suitable for your needs.

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Make a coupon on the eCommerce website you want to purchase the item and then apply the
coupon. If, for instance, you are looking to buy an item on Amazon, then use money transfer’s
ShopOnTap Option to generate the coupon and then purchase the item on EMI.

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