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The Horrific Story Behind That Viral Video Of A IBS College Student Being Assaulted In Hyderabad

by Ravi Sharma

The video showed a group of IBS College students assaulting a fellow student on the hostel premises. The police said that it was the murder of student privacy and the main accused is a student of the same batch.

What is the video and what happened?

The video that has been circulating shows a student being assaulted by another student inside a hostel. The victim is seen being punched and kicked multiple times before finally collapsing to the ground. It is unclear what led to the assault, but it is clear that the victim was outnumbered and unable to defend himself.

The video was taken by another student who was present in the hostel at the time of the attack. It is not clear if any teachers or staff were present in the room during the incident.

The video was widely shared on social media, leading to outrage from many people. The Hyderabad Police have since arrested four students out of the ten shown in the video. And are investigating the matter further. After

Who is the victim?

The victim in the viral video of a student being assaulted in Hyderabad is 19-year-old, Himank Bansal. He is a second-year student at IBS College in Dhonthanpally in Ranga Reddy district. And was being physically assaulted by other institute students and coerced into chanting “Allahu Akbar.”

Himank Bansal was sitting in his hostel room when the 10 accused suddenly barged in and started assaulting him forcing him to chant “Allahu Akbar”. One of the assailants was recording the whole process on his mobile phone.

Police reported that a case was opened at the Shankarpally station following the video’s widespread indignation. Upon receiving a complaint from the college’s first-semester student. Police used sections of the Indian Penal Code 307 (murder attempt), 342 (punishment for wrongful confinement), 450 (trespass to commit an offense), 323 (voluntarily causing harm), and 506 (criminal intimidation) against 10 students from IBS College in Dhonthanpally in the Ranga Reddy district.

The Four accused have been arrested by the police and are currently in judicial custody.

What was their reaction to it?

The video of the student being assaulted in Hyderabad went viral on social media, and many people were shocked and appalled by what they saw. The victim’s family was also contacted by the media, and they expressed their disbelief at what had happened. They said that their Son had never been in any trouble before. And they couldn’t understand why anyone would want to hurt him.

Who are the attackers and what happened to them?

The attackers in the Hyderabad student assault case are a group of men who have been arrested and charged with attempted murder. The victim, Himank Bansal, was assaulted by a group of students. The accused are all first-year students of BBA and LLB except for two second-year students.

Bansal described the circumstances leading up to the incident in a police complaint he made after the assault.

Bansal filed a complaint


The horrific story behind that viral video of a student being assaulted in Hyderabad is a tragic example of the violence that student face every day in India. The fact that the attackers were able to film the assault and then share it online is a testament to the culture of impunity that exists in the country. The victim has bravely come forward and spoken out against attackers, but unfortunately, his experience is all too common. It is time for a change in India, and we must all work together to end this epidemic of violence against Students.

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