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 What is a Pharma Franchise? Steps to become a franchise and Much More!

by Anjali Anjali



Pcd Franchise is like a partnership between two parties. In which the other person or distributors is granted authority from pharmaceutical companies for carrying out their brand image or selling of their products for commercial purposes.


Pcd franchise business is a great choice you can opt for if you don’t want to invest lots of money. And the best part is that there are so many pcd companies you can take franchise, for example, Pcd pharma company in Gujarat, pcd pharma company in Maharashtra, pcd pharma company in Kerala and many more.


These types of businesses usually keep mutual agreements on some specific aspects like marketing, Authorization, distribution and sales of products in order to avoid disputes. In simpler terms pcd franchise is defined as a right of marketing given by pharmaceutical companies for distribution and marketing of their products  commercially etc.


The main reason why the pcd franchise is gaining huge popularity is because of low marketing cost. You don’t need to invest lakhs to kick start your franchise business. You can easily start a pcd franchise business for just ten thousand rupees and that’s pretty cool.


Pcd franchise is profitable as well as a convenient way to get yourself started with the concept of being your own boss. In any franchise business both the parties are dependent on each other. For example, companies have to check whether the distributor is doing well or not and in the same way franchisees have to make sure that the company is supplying the product properly. Here you’ll get freedom of work , profits and more time without putting much effort.


Here we’re going to discuss more about Pcd franchise business and steps to become franchise and much more so let’s get started :-


Steps to become a pcd franchise :-


1.   Selection of company


First of all you’ve to select the company and for this make sure about the area which you’re willing to take franchise. Now make a list of companies and their availability of franchise facilities at your city, state or country because every company terms and conditions for appointment of franchise may not be the same so here you’ve to find the one which fits your requirement as well.


If you’re looking for best pcd companies or companies with many schemes for franchise you can simply search for the best Pcd pharma company in your area for instance best pcd pharma company in Gujarat, pcd pharma company in Maharashtra, pcd pharma company in Kerala.



2.   Research about the brand image,sales and profit margin.


It’s important to know about the company you’re investing your time efforts and reputation that’s why you need to figure out the company marketing policies , sales , profit and its brand image which is going to affect your business too and don’t forget to know about their Marketing strategies so you can easily excel in your business and earn money.


3.   Interact with the company.

The third step is to interact with the companies you’ve shortlisted in the second  step so for this you can easily send emails to all those companies and If they respond to your email ask them about their products and some necessary details and also price quotation.


4.   Choose a franchiser which meets your needs.


As you’ve sent emails to more than two or three companies, the chances of getting a vacancy is much higher. Maybe more than one company will reach out to you. That’s why don’t fall for the perks and benefits and choose franchiser carefully.


5.   Make agreement and terms and conditions on a mutual basis.


It’s better to have a mutual agreement between you and your franchiser so that both of you get flexibility in terms and conditions and some freedom of work.


6.   Registration for Pcd franchise business.


For Pcd franchise business all you need to have is a wholesale drug license and gst registration and that’s it.

7.   Start your franchise business.


The last step is to get started with the franchise. There’s no minimum number of products needed to start your franchise business. You can even start with small investment and less products and earn money without much effort.




Not all companies provide State wise, city wise or district wise distribution so before you decide which company is best to have a partnership make sure it’s facility of franchise is in your area.


Some companies have a policy of target sale and minimum selling requirements however, the best part is not every company has strict policies so start with the company who does not look for any selling condition.


Also do some research about the brand image, sales and profits. It’s important as this will save you from putting your efforts and time into something that won’t work out in future.




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