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All About |The inauguration of Joe Biden

Joe Biden and Kamala Harris

by Sonal Shukla

Joe Biden and Kamala Harris came to the second inauguration of President Barack Obama as his Vice-President. This was a historic moment for American politics as Biden is the first out of the two to be at this position in terms of being a member of one group that has been traditionally marginalized. Although it wasn’t always easy for him, this event marked a shift in the norms of society and politics.


Joe Biden’s Speech.


Joe Biden delivered his highly anticipated speech on U.S. gun policy on Saturday evening, May 18th, at a rally in Parkland, Florida. The former Vice President and current Delaware Senator’s proposals include universal background checks, raising the age to buy a rifle to 21, and banning assault weapons.


Biden’s proposals marked a departure from the Obama-era policies of not regulating gun ownership and focusing on more comprehensive measures such as waiting periods and violence prevention programs. Notably absent from Biden’s speech was any mention of repealing the Second Amendment or arming teachers, which has been one of the main rallying cries of the Parkland student activists.

For speaking out against

Many have praised Biden for speaking out on gun violence after over 30 years in politics, but he has also faced criticism from both sides of the aisle for his positions. Some Republicans believe his proposals will infringe on Second Amendment rights and stunt economic development by preventing law-abiding citizens from owning guns. Others have accused Biden of politicizing an issue that should be addressed through bipartisan legislation.


Joe Biden’s speech touched everything from the “importance of citizenship” to his support for Planned Parenthood. He also touched on issues like climate change and gun reform. Kamala Harris, Biden’s running mate, spoke about her plans for education reform and fighting for civil rights.


In his speech, Biden talked about the importance of citizenship and ensuring everyone has a say in our country. He also mentioned the importance of good schools providing opportunities for all children. Kamala Harris she would ensure all kids have access to quality education and are protect from discrimination.

On their strategies to combat climate change

Biden and Harris both spoke about their plans to fight climate change. Biden said he would work to combat climate change by investing in clean energy technology, while Harris said she would fight to protect our environment by creating jobs in green industries.


Both candidates spoke about their support for Planned Parenthood and pledged to keep the organization funded if elected President or vice president. They also said they would continue President Obama’s efforts to make neighborhoods safer by increasing police funding and reforming correctional institutions.


Harris Swearing-In Speech.


In his first speech as President, Barack Obama swore in Joe Biden as Vice President. At the time, it as a sign of continuity and strong leadership. In his second term, Biden is set to swear in Kamala Harris as the 44th Secretary of State. This ceremony takes on a different tone than when Joe Biden took office with Barack Obama.


Since taking office, Trump has consistently stirred controversy with his statements and actions. Figures like Steve Bannon and Sebastian Gorka have left the administration after controversial comments about Muslims and immigrants. With these controversies in mind, Kamala Harris’ swearing-in is significant not only because she is now a senior government official but also because she is an outspoken critic of Trump.


President Biden First Days in Office


On the first day of his presidency, Joe Biden took the oath of office alongside Kamala Harris. The ceremony was unique because it consisted of a reading from the Declaration of Independence and a catechism. Notably absent were inaugural addresses and first visitors.


This morning, President Obama greeted his successor at the White House. After hugging and shaking hands with Joe, he boarded Marine One for his final journey to Chicago.


President Biden’s Mentions during the First Two Weeks Leading up to Inauguration Day


Joe Biden has made history twice in his career. The first was as an elected official, serving as the 41st Vice President of the United States from 2009-2017. The second was as Barack Obama’s running mate in 2012 and then as President of the United States from 2013-2017.


On January 20th, Joe Biden will have completed his final elected office as the 74th and final Vice President of the United States. On that same day, Kamala Harris will be sworn in as the 54th and first female Senator from the State of California.


What can we expect from these two leaders? Kamala Harris is passionate about her work. She has been a prosecutor, a Judge, Attorney General, and now Senator. Throughout her career, she has shown that she is dedicated to fighting for what she believes in and is not afraid to take on anyone or anything. Joe Biden is also a very determined person, and he knows how to build relationships with people. He has been able to connect with many different people throughout his life, and this skill set will be beneficial as President of the United States.


President Obama’s Farewell Address


Joe Biden sworn in as Vice President of the United States alongside then-Senator Barack Obama on January 20th, 2009. As Vice President, Biden played a critical role in carrying out many of Obama’s legislative initiatives. While serving as the first-ranking Senate Foreign Relations Committee member. Biden is also highly known for his work as Mayor of Wilmington, Delaware, from 1988-1992.  Pennsylvania from 2003-2009. In 2016, Biden announce that he would be running for President in the Democratic primaries but later drop out after poor results in early voting polls.


Kamala Harris was born in Oakland, California, on october 20th, 1964. She began her political career as a prosecutor with the Office of District Attorney for San Francisco before being elect.




Speaking at a joint campaign rally in Miami. FL, Joe Biden and Kamala Harris took the stage to deliver their highly anticipated opening statement. While all indications point to an extremely close race between the two candidates, Joe Biden’s words really caught our attention. Instead of typically reciting the U.S. Constitution from memory or swearing an oath on a Bible, Biden opted for something more unique. He invoked “the blessings of Harry Reid. He pledged to uphold the same principles as Barack Obama. It’s clear that Biden has been paying extra-close attention to his predecessor’s work during his time in office. We can only speculate how much advice he may have taken from Kamala Harris on running for office herself.


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