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Can I get Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Certification in Chennai without experience?

by Anjali Anjali

Six Sigma is a way to improve or enhance the efficiency of processes. It uses problem-solving, analyzing, and collecting data to identify faults in the current process and eliminate unnecessary steps. You can apply it to 70 different sectors. There are various levels of Six Sigma, but here the article discusses Six Sigma Green Belt certification.

Let’s view it in-depth! 

Today so many people have doubts regarding

  • Can Six Sigma certification be achieved if the individual is not an engineer/doctor/manufacturer/student?
  • Is it worth getting certification or when to start? 
  • Does the certification require any work experience?

All organizations have a different structure based on the experience and willingness of the deployment leader to practice and develop the best models. Your journey won’t necessarily be unique, but it is your own, and your specific circumstances and goals will govern it. Dedication, curiosity, and discipline would be overwhelming. Candidates with such qualities can pursue career goals regardless of their nature. The current fields of most people would fit perfectly for the Lean & Six Sigma application. Whatever you do, learning frameworks, tools, and techniques will be helpful to you.

Lean Six Sigma Green belt certification in Chennai summarizes the organizational objectives. It shows how various industrial case studies can be carried out with DMAIC (define, measure, analyze, improve, control). It is a program designed for professionals who are qualified in problem-solving business solutions. This certificate is the first official level at which all graduates or professionals can participate. The governing body IASSC offers the Lean Six Sigma Certification.

Does Six Sigma Green Belt certification require work experience?

It is where things get tricky. Specific certificates require work experience with the Six Sigma principles. Some need you to manage a portfolio of ongoing programs and instruct others, while others require no work experience.

The Six Sigma Green Belt certification needs three years of work experience in one or more Six Sigma Green Belt knowledge body areas. Certain online educators and colleges offer Six Sigma certification without any practical experience. The IASSC has no training, work experience, or training requirements for either green belt certification.

One can do the six sigma green belt certification without experience, but it is suggested to do with experience. You need to gain experience to add value to your career and to learn more. The organization gives further recommendations for those with experience in the six sigma green belt field with certification. It won’t help you just by certifying.

Applicants must have worked in a paid or full-time role. Without experience, it is not wise to do the six sigma green belt certification. The Six Sigma green belt certification includes two stages. First online providers give training, and secondly, they provide the implementation of learning in the form of green belt projects.

Green belt projects are being carried out to solve business issues, such as reducing defects and variations. One needs to first learn about the different problems in the business world. Then only by Six Sigma or any other methodology you will be able to solve them.

You can still do the training and understand the concepts. Still, it won’t be beneficial without applying the concepts and tools in the business. Work experience will help you understand the working culture. You’ll quickly take on the tasks if you have a six sigma green belt certification.

Green Belt certification – Prerequisites

Education: Education waivers are not allowed. Here are a certified Six Sigma green belt’s minimal expectations.

  • Should operate in support of or under the supervision of a Six Sigma Black Belt.
  • Need to analyze and solve quality issues
  • Must engage in quality improvement projects
  • Should be involved in a project but were not in charge of the project.
  • Does have work experience for at least three years.
  • Should have the ability to show the knowledge of Six Sigma processes and tools.

To obtain the professional designation of IASSC Certified Green Belt, candidates have to take the Certified Lean Six Sigma Green Belt exam and reach a minimum score of 70 percent. There are no specific prerequisites needed to sit for the IASSC Certified Lean Six Sigma Green Belt exam.

A college degree or a little bit of work experience is needed for certain certifying bodies. Some even don’t have any lists of preferences on the type of degree. IASSC and other trainers/certification companies certainly do not require education beyond the topics. They will test you on general topics related to the Body of Knowledge (BOK) and suggest additional reference material. 

Math background: Most mathematics is already in the middle to secondary education. The statistics that many people are concerned about can easily be mastered with advanced mathematical data. Yes, the math section is so simple. 

The six sigma green certificate is for those who are:

  • Working in process-related teams
  • Working with math and statistics 
  • Providing solutions to quantity-related problems
  • Cooperating very closely with six Sigma, lean, or other quantitative enhancement projects.

Professionals can develop skills through obtaining the “green belt” certification to

  • Prove the knowledge of six sigma processes and tools.
  • Support in black belt data collection and analysis projects
  • Manage green belt projects or teams
  • Handle any problem with data and analytics 

Based on the practical understanding of the industry, Green belt professionals can achieve more. Green belt holders find substantial job opportunities in fields, namely Operations, customer service, IT, management, and marketing.


Six Sigma has been internationally recognized as one of the effective methods of IT service management. Numerous well-known IT institutions took the course as part of its training module. This training is for those candidates who want to participate in different processes, such as designing, controlling, measuring, and analyzing management. Six Sigma is a vast area that needs proper training for beginners to step into the new field. Therefore, the Lean Six Sigma Green Belt is the most important one among others.

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