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LOL Full Form

LOL Full Form || Full Form of LOL

by Sneha Shukla

LOL Full Form: What It Really Means And Why It’s Important 4 You

LOL Full Form is Laughing Out loud. LOL is an acronym that stands for Laughing Out Loud. It is written as “lol” and is usually followed with an explanation or a comment, such as “LOL he spilled coffee on his shirt”. LOL is also used to show that you find something funny. This can be done in person or it can be done over the internet through chat programs like Facebook Messenger or WhatsApp.

You might type LOL before you send the message to someone else, so they know you’re laughing at what they said or wrote. If you want to write “LOL” in a sentence without actually writing lol, you might use this word: “She laughed out loud when she saw the cat.


What is LOL, and how is it different from other acronyms? || lol full form

Laughing Out loud or LOL is an abbreviated form of laugh out loud or LMAO, and its usage is similar to that of the abbreviation ROFL. LOL is used when someone finds something amusing. LOL stands for Laughing Out loud and literally, means Laughing out loud. LMAO stands for Laughing my arse off.

A smiley smile is used in L and M, where L stands for Laughter and M stands for my arse. Hence this cute smile with L is used. It means Laughing my arse off. But L is not a laughing hand. L is a real smiley. ROFL is also an abbreviation of laugh my fucking arse off.


Why do people use LOL in chatting || full form of lol || lol full form

The answer to this question is, “The idea of LOL is used in conversation for the silliness and stupidity of the person. Some people think it is the best way of greeting each other on chat. It is used in the text messaging system. There are many variants of it like: , , and . So, basically it is only used for “laughter” in “chat”.

The meaning of LOL In “A Dictionary of Modern English Usage”, British English writer Steven Pinker mentioned an interesting meaning of LOL. It is as follows: “Laughing out loud. “Comic”; hence, “joke”. An exclamation of joy.


How to type or write LOL || lol full form in chat || lol full form

  • Type or write LOL with quotation marks.
  • This is the most commonly used way of typing LOL
  • I will prefer you type it with the usual quotation marks.
  • If you have difficulty typing it, you may type it as below LOL
  • It is pretty easy to type or write this abbreviation.


It only needs minor editing if there is any mistake made while typing. As you can see, it’s an effortless and straightforward way of typing LOL as you can easily understand. These are the basic rules to know how to type, LOL.


How to understand the meaning of LOL || what is the full form of lol || lol full form

When you use LOL to express a sarcastic remark, its meaning will be explained below:- LOL is an acronym for Laughing out loud, and it’s also used sarcastically. LMAO is used when someone is in a sad or depressing state of mind. LMAO stands for Laughing My Ass Off. Some people use it in a silly way to express what they feel that it can be interpreted in any way. Strangely, it is almost similar to its acronym LMAO, but it is very light. It has a positive effect on mental health. It is a relief to the tension or tension.

The acronym LMAO is always used to respond to a situation of fun, joy, amusement, and fun. Sometimes people do not use this way to make fun of someone as they may get offended by the expression of LOL.


Conclusion || full form of lol in chat || lol full form

When you use LOL in conversation, it will add cheerfulness to your friend and make them feel happy. So, it is a widespread abbreviation used for a positive reason.

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