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SP Full Form

SP Full Form || Full Form of SP

by Sneha Shukla

SP Full Form Explained: About The Chief of Police (Superintendent of Police) 2


SP Full Form is Superintendent of Police. The Superintendent of Police (SP) is the head of the Police or Law Enforcement agency in India. The SP is usually an Indian Administrative Service (IAS) officer, sometimes from the state civil service. The person appointed to this position reports to the Home Ministry and has powers over all criminal investigation departments within his jurisdiction.

In addition, SPs are given a wide range of administrative powers, and have control over areas such as police recruitment and promotions.


The job of a superintendent of police || SP Full Form

There are three primary roles a superintendent of police plays in a Police Force, and one of them is as the second-in-command to the inspector general or the chief of the Police Force. The other two areas are the state police commissioner, the officer who is the head of the state police force, and the director-general of police, which is the second-highest post in the State Police.

However, since the Director-General of Police is usually the most senior officer in their state, there is usually only one superintendent of police for the whole country.


What is the SP rank in the Indian Police Service? || SP Full Form

In India, the Indian Police Service (IPS) top ranks are given to the Superintendent of Police. The officer holds the deputy inspector general of police (DIG) in the Police, Range, or state cadre. In the IPS, most of the commands are given to IPS officers

Whom is SP Commemorated on Police Commemoration Day?


The SP rank is a memorial of the then Police Commissioner of Mumbai, Sir Albert Kanitkar. In the early years of police in India, the one police officer second in seniority was referred to as SP. Kanitkar did an excellent deal for the reform of the police force in Mumbai. On police commemoration day, all police officers across India dress up in the ‘police white uniform.


What are an SP’s roles and responsibilities? || SP ka full form

The role of the SP in a district as a whole would be very different from that of the SP of a subdivision, section, district-level police force, or a sub-division. SPs are responsible for the prevailing law and order in the district, besides maintaining law and order in a particular community. The SP will ensure no law and order breakdown in the neighborhood, and the district police can tackle any law and order situation.

However, in the district, the SP is also responsible for tackling serious crime and terrorism. The SP will be accountable for curbing organized crime and terrorism. The SP will be responsible for crime prevention, detection, investigation, trial of offense as per the Indian Penal Code, 1973.


Historical Background on Superintendents of Police || full form of SP

Many of the District Superintendents of Police (DSP) came into existence only after independence. Therefore, many of the details are dated. Some of the DSPs, however, are earlier and not provided by the present government. However, the decision to declare them as SP, as it is in this government’s opinion, is justified. The older DSPs have contributed to the police system from the time it was reorganized in the 1950s.

Some of the notable DSPs who have become SP are Akhil Ramachandran, IGP, Railways in 1977-79; Ashok Kumar Gupta, IPS, IGP, Punjab in 1979; K. Narayana Reddy, IGP, Tamil Nadu in 1982-85; Arvind Gupta, IPS, IGP, Tamil Nadu in 1987-90; Mandal Reddy, IPS,

IGP, Andhra Pradesh in 1990-92; and Surjeet Singh, IPS, IGP, Haryana, 1992-96.


Conclusion || SP full form in police

Why does one aspire to become a police officer? Many applicants indeed have different motivations behind applying. If you are certainly interested in a police career, you must follow the training protocols and the lawful orders. It would be best to be trustworthy, honest, and responsible, uphold justice and order, and maintain law and order. These are the fundamental requirements of a police officer. Good leadership and administration skills are of vital importance in leading police force personnel.

One must consider potential career possibilities in the police. The details of the training programs offered by the SSC are available on the official website of SC or SSC. Though the age limit for applying for the exam is 30, the age limit for a post in the Maharashtra Police is 27.

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