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CBSE Training Portal Registration, Login, E-certificate Download and Helpline Numbers

by priyanka singh

CBSE is a recognized, not-for-profit organization by the Government of India. CBSE provides education for school students in classes 1 to 12. It conducts the Central Board of Secondary Education Examination which is commonly known as the “Board exams”. Since its inception, over nine million students have appeared and more than six million have passed. It has been praised by employers and educators alike who endorse its efforts to school children with skills necessary to meet international standards. CBSE training portal.

CBSE training portal registration:

If you’re looking to get into the teaching profession, there’s never been a better time to do so, with an acute shortage of qualified and experienced teachers in our country, the CBSE is actively recruiting.
You can now register for their Teacher Training programme by following these simple steps:

  • Visit the official website of CBSE (all relevant links are given above) and then click on “Teacher Training” on their homepage.
  • Once there, you’ll be greeted by a set of information screens, which will give details on the registration process.
  • Fill in your application form and make sure that you follow the instructions provided on each screen. In case of an error, read the instructions once again carefully.
  • Pay your fee online via a debit or credit card that has not been blocked.
  • Send your request in the form provided by CBSE and provide copies of all the following documents:
    – Copy of Aadhaar card or Voter ID card or any other government issued identity document (must be valid for a minimum of 6 months)
    – Copy of Lower Secondary School Certificate (or equivalent)
    – A photograph
  • Finally, wait for CBSE to confirm that you are effectively registered. This typically takes around three weeks.
  • Once your request has been confirmed, you will be sent a notification by CBSE confirming that the registration process is complete.

Once you have registered, you will receive emails regarding the following:
– Registration Confirmation
– Your username and password
– Notifications about your account

CBSE portal login:

Visit the official website of the CBSE portal.
Link: www.cbseportal.nic.in/

  • Click on ‘Login’ option given on the website homepage. Enter your login username and password in empty fields and click ‘Login’ button. You successfully log into CBSE Portal!

Note: You can also get further information regarding your respective schools, districts, zones, regions, etc. about the CBSE. Visit the official website of the CBSE portal or use the link given above.

Steps to download e-certificate from CBSE training portal:

For all the applicants who have now applied for the CBSE promotion certificate after CBSE training, you’re probably wondering how to download your certificate. Steps to Downloading Your Formal Training Certificate:

  • Visit the official website to download the CBSE Training Certificate.
  • You have to click on the course for which you want to download the certificate.
  • Enter your Email ID, Password, and Security PIN, then click on the sign-in option.
  • Click the option to download the certificate.

After clicking the download option, your certificate will be downloaded.

How can one take part in the CBSE teacher training course?

If you’re incredibly interested in becoming a teacher and want to do it with CBSE, you’ll have to take the CBSE Teacher Training Course on their website. This is an online program, meaning that you can take classes at your own pace. There are no time constraints on when or where the course will be finished so long as all the assignments are turned in by the appropriate due date for each module.

  • Visit the CBSE Teacher Training Course Official Portal or click on the official link from CBSE “cbseit .in/cbse/training/”
  • “Click here to register for online sessions” This link will be displayed on the homepage.
  • On the home page there is a filter to choose the specific city. From that choose the specific city name to filter your search so that you can avail the location as per your choice.
  • Furthermore, choose the training program of your choice.
  • Then click on the “Register” button for the respective program in which you are interested.
  • Complete the registration form with the required information.
  • Then do the registration payment verification process.
  • Participate in the program at the assigned date, time, and location.
  • Get the necessary feedback and certification from the board.

Types of programs offered by CBSE:

Introductory programs:

CBSE training portal

“The Board of Directors of the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) offers an exclusive program for principals and leaders of new schools who are members of the board. “School principals only,” as one board director insisted.
But it is not only principals that have been invited to attend. New school leaders are welcome to join in too, but their sessions seem directed more at teachers than top-level administrators: They teach in CBSE CBP, Life Skills, Values, and Physical Education.

Programs for Potential Resource Specialists:

Standards for becoming a resource specialist have yet to be set, but there are some qualities that can be helpful. Some qualifications include being knowledgeable in one or more subject areas, having excellent communication skills, and the ability to answer questions involving content taught in a specific field.

Potential resource specialists can come from inside or outside of the organization they work with. The only thing required is that they know what they are talking about and are able to communicate this information clearly.

Most programs do not last for very long, but there are some links about the duration and qualifications for people to become resource specialists. If you don’t ave a program in place, it would be beneficial to research the area you want to work in and see how other organizations are going about establishing one.
Since skills show up in different ways when they are learned, a resource specialist should also take training that focuses on their area of expertise.

CBSE portal helpline numbers:

This is a largely used number for people to call for any help with the CBSE portal. It is advised that you call up and speak to someone when you encounter any issue, or if the issue persists.

Name & Designation Phone Number
Training Unit 011 – 23214737
Dr. B Saha (Training Director) 011 – 23216873
Dr. Sandeep Jain 011 – 23211400
Amit Singh (Payment Related Query) 011 – 23211700
IT Unit 011 – 23214737
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