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Top Tips To Prepare For SAT Exam

by Sneha Shukla

One of the most crucial tests to ace in order to get into the top universities abroad is the SAT. It all comes down to honing your high school knowledge and broadening your viewpoint on the subjects through intensive practice in SAT preparation. 

Nonetheless, the battle is getting tougher for the ordinary test taker as the number of SAT candidates grows every year. To ensure success on the SAT, you must immediately commit to a strict study schedule.

If you start early, you may easily prepare for the SAT exam. In addition to testing your knowledge, the SAT exam measures your self-confidence and time management abilities. A thorough study strategy, a suitable timetable to follow, and a dedication to studying each part separately are necessary for SAT preparation.

It doesn’t matter what location or nation you take the SAT exam from because the preparation process is the same everywhere. Hence, if you’re a student from India asking “how to prepare for the SAT in India,” just go through the process like any other aspirant.


What is the SAT Test?

Most US colleges and universities use the SAT Test, a standardized entrance exam, to decide who gets into their programs. You may also be able to get into several other colleges throughout the world, like those in Singapore and Canada, with a strong SAT test score.


The CollegeBoard, one of the biggest educational corporations in the world, developed and administered the SAT, a multiple-choice, pencil-and-paper exam and also provided certain guidelines on how to prep for SAT. Students’ abilities in linguistic and quantitative reasoning are assessed by the SAT.


Understand the SAT

Understanding the nitty gritty of the SAT exam is the first step in learning how to prepare for it. The SAT is a test of aptitude that assesses your proficiency in both English and mathematics. We advise you to familiarize yourself with the SAT exam syllabus and gain a complete understanding of the exam’s planning and structure. This will assist you in creating an effective SAT preparation plan.


Know your strengths and weaknesses.

Students who are unsure of how to study for the SAT were advised by experts to take a free sample SAT practice test. Make a list of the topics you did well on and poorly on after the mock exam.


Create a list of the subtopics that may be necessary to discuss inside the main theme. By doing so, you’ll be able to assess your whole situation and determine how close you are to your ideal SAT score and what you need to do to close the gaps.


How to Prepare for SAT Before 6 Months?

Commencing early is the best strategy for SAT preparation, as has already been mentioned. If you begin preparing even six months in advance, you will have more time to use a variety of materials in addition to what everyone else is learning. As an applicant, this will benefit you.


You will have the option of a daily newspaper and magazine reading in addition to completing your SAT coursework. You can read nonfiction in other formats as well. By doing this, you will eventually be able to master the lengthy portions that the actual SAT exam will have you focus on.


How to Prepare for the SAT in 3 Months?

With only three months until the SAT Exam, your exclusive attention should be on practicing test questions from every section. Keep a close eye on your accuracy and speed as you answer questions. Engage in regular self-evaluation. Focus on your abilities for improvisation and your strengths. You’ll be able to develop both pace and precision as a result.


Becoming familiar with things you may have overlooked in the past is something you should focus on three months before the exam. The Academy’s materials and study guides can be used to help you in the following areas.


SAT Writing Test Tips


Know your Grammar

How to utilize proper grammar to make a phrase more impactful is directly addressed in this section’s questions. It’s not always about what looks or sounds good. For instance, while almost everyone would agree that “He runs faster than me” sounds and looks correct, it is incorrect. He runs more quickly than I do, which is the correct phrase. With the aid of practical examples, the CL SAT application enables you to comprehend each grammar rule in full.


Be Careful With the NO CHANGE answer choice.

The sentence is not erroneous only because it is underlined. For some of the questions, the right response is NO CHANGE.


Choose the shorter answer if the two options are both grammatically valid.

Concision, or using as few words as necessary to make a point effectively, is one of the abilities tested in the SAT Writing section. Knowing the best grammatically correct option is equally as important as understanding what the grammatically correct alternative is in order to respond effectively to concision questions.


Which of the two statements is better, for instance?

I previously believed in the efficacy of love.

I once had faith in the strength of love.

Grammar-wise, both sentences are acceptable. The first statement, however, makes use of additional words to convey the same idea. As a result, the second, more accurate sentence is the better one.


Be consistent

Verify that the sentence’s verb tense, person, and subject are all consistent. Errors in comparisons typically test this


Which of the following sentences is accurate?

The new hire will be in charge of taking new orders, returning phone calls, and filing paperwork.

The new hire will be in charge of taking new orders, returning phone calls, and filing paperwork.

A better sentence is one that is consistent with the verbs. The verbs “file,” “answering,” and “take” are used in the opening clause. These verb tenses are not regular ones. In contrast, the second sentence uses the verbs “filing,” “answering,” and “taking,” making it a stronger statement.



One of the best ways to prepare for the SAT is to start early, stick to your customized study plan on Official SAT Practice, take a full-length practice SAT, pay attention in class, and be aware of what to expect on test day.

Prepare for the online sat. Prepare consciously and deliberately over a long period of time, just like you would for a marathon. Rome wasn’t created overnight.

Being ready won’t happen right away either, but if it’s done methodically, it can be done. You’ll be on the most advantageous path to success if you adhere to these guidelines.

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