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Uttar Pradesh Assembly Election Results in 2022

by Ravi Sharma

Uttar Pradesh Assembly Election Results in 2022

Initially, the UP election result were not expected to be out for a few hours. However, at around 3:40 PM IST, returns from more than 70% of polling stations have come in. The BJP is leading in 303 seats, Samajwadi Party leads on 39 seats and Bahujan Samaj Party on 19 seats. Congress has been reduced to just 2 seats by this point.

The results are being counted in two phases. In the first phase, 73 of the 403 polling stations – from Amroha to Ujjain – will be counted. The second phase will cover all the remaining 270 booths.

In 10 seats where a candidate has withdrawn, these are being counted in the second phase. Alok Shrivastava, Director General of UP elections and Law Minister says “We will have a final tally in a couple of days”. The Aam Aadmi Party has won its first seat in UP. Bhairon Prasad Mishra from Varanasi comes from an influential family and is a three-time MLA.

Impact of UP Election Result

The results have also brought to fore a huge difference between the Muslim community and the Dalits. While the BSP has won just one seat, the Dalit vote went to Mayawati’s party for a long time. But didn’t transfer to any of the other parties (SP included).

The BJP is also getting an unprecedented 56% of the upper caste vote, even though most upper caste candidates have lost.

Going by the trends, in UP, the BJP seems to have got 50% of the Muslim vote.

By 5:30 PM IST, it is clear that this was a polarisation of voters along religious lines in UP. The fact that even Muslim candidates from SP won shows that they credit a larger share of their constituency to them rather than to their party – testament to how well they did as individuals.

By 7:00 PM IST, it is clear that the BJP will win 72 seats in UP.

The trend of high turnout and massive Hindu vote for the BJP has continued in the second phase of UP elections. As it stands, the BJP seems to have won 93 seats of the 95 counted so far.

The implications for national politics are huge. The party has got a record level of support from all over India, especially from Uttar Pradesh – but this was not unexpected given that it was an election for one state.

However, what is interesting is that the party has managed to improve upon its recent showing in states like Gujarat, Rajasthan and Madhya Pradesh.

UP Assembly Election 2022

BJP Sucess in UP Election 20222

The BJP’s success in UP election result means it will be able to get more out of allies like Janata Dal (United) and the Shiv Sena. These two parties have previously been asking for more seats. The results should also be reassuring to allies like the Akali Dal ahead of elections in Punjab next year.

For the Congress, this is an especially bitter result. The party seems to have been wiped out in UP.

The party even lost its seat from Pratapgarh, which was represented by Rajiv Shukla, who is a minister in the central government.

The results also appear to have struck a blow at caste-based parties, who may receive a disproportionate number of votes but never win more than a handful of seats.

In his concession speech, Mayawati’s main rival in UP, Lalu Yadav, admitted that the Bahujan Samaj Party was unable to win a single seat despite its vote share being between 4-5%.

This is a remarkable reversal of fortune for the party – they had been trailing behind a long list of smaller parties but managed to win 27 seats in 2004.

All indications suggest that it will be difficult for anyone other than the Samajwadi Party to come close to this tally again.

What The UP Elections 2022 Depicts?

The UP election result shows that the secular vote is split between parties from other states as well. If this trend proves to continue down the line, it would be an indication that voters may be planning on voting for parties from other states rather than for their local MPs.

In recent times, a lot of campaigning has been done in UP by several parties – BJP, SP and BSP – almost like a national election was being held. The results for UP have also proved that the BJP was able to get the roughly equal number of votes from Dalits as from upper castes.

In fact, in 15 out of 29 constituencies in Agra district, the BJP has secured more than 50% of votes from Scheduled Castes. That makes upto 27% of the population.

This is a huge change compared to the Congress, who has failed to even secure 10% of SC votes in most constituencies. There are indications that even Muslims have voted for some BJP candidates.

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