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Where do I take the ITIL Foundation exam?

by Sneha Shukla

ITIL stands for Information Technology Infrastructure Library. It is a widely used framework for managing IT service delivery in the world today. ITIL lays out the procedures to be followed during the creation, development, delivery, and support of IT services. The ITIL framework helps businesses ensure that their services are delivered to the highest possible standard.

In the realm of IT service management, taking an ITIL certification course is an excellent first step. Each level of ITIL certification is based on the number of credits that a candidate has earned. Foundation, ITIL 4 Managing Professional, ITIL 4 Strategic Leader, and Master are all included in these levels.

By taking ITIL training courses and passing the required examinations, you can become certified in ITIL. Updated ITIL 4 was released by Axelos in February 2019 to improve ITSM’s ability to adapt and innovate while still supporting older networks and systems. ITIL 3 will be phased out entirely by the beginning of 2022, when ITIL 4 will have been fully implemented, according to Axelos.

Why become ITIL certified?

The ITIL certification can be used in any organization for training, allowing for a wide range of job options in the IT industry. When it comes to quality and IT service management, IT professionals will study and use various best practices, which will lead to improved business growth. ITIL V4 Training in Riyadh

The ITIL Foundation certification provides two credit points to the ITIL qualification scheme and a foundation for future ITIL certifications. This training program allows them to build, execute, and use IT services to meet their clients’ needs and improve their self-assurance. As a result of the ITIL framework, it’s easier to communicate with suppliers and customers and resolve any obstacles between IT and the rest of the business.

There are now two main designation tracks that include seven modules to simplify the ITIL 4 certification process. From the Foundation level, you can choose between the MP (Managing Professional) and SL (Strategic Leader) tracks. If you opt to finish both courses, you will be eligible for the ITIL Master designation.

ITIL Foundation

The ITIL Foundation module, an entry-level certification that covers the fundamentals of ITIL 4, is required regardless of the path you take. To pass the ITIL 4 Foundation test, candidates must have a fundamental understanding of providing value for customers and stakeholders, the four dimensions of service management, the best practices of ITIL 4, and the essential concepts of Lean, Agile, and DevOps.

The ITIL Foundation course consists of 40 multiple-choice questions and requires a passing score of 26 out of 40. The Axelos website lists approved training providers that offer courses, and Axelos or third-party vendors can also provide you with practice examinations and other materials for self-study.

The ITIL Foundation certification educates the fundamentals of ITIL, and it is the first step in the certification process for many newcomers. There are no prerequisites for this certification, so anyone with a genuine interest in the subject area can take it. Both classroom and self-study alternatives are available for ITIL Foundation certification exam preparation. The Foundations exam does not need you to have taken a training course before attempting it. 

Even though the certification covers all five practice areas of the ITIL service lifecycle, including how the various lifecycle stages are linked to one another, an IT professional who completes the ITIL Foundation level needs to complete the Practitioner or Intermediate certification before being eligible for service management positions.

Where can you obtain ITIL certification training?

Axelos has a list of authorized training providers if you’re new to ITIL or need a refresher. Several companies offer online and in-person courses. Several companies offer online and in-person courses. 

When is the ITIL Foundation exam held?

Taking the ITIL Foundation Exam is possible at any time because it is both online and paper-based. The training providers usually administer the exam.

Who administers the ITIL Foundation exam?

Exams for the ITIL Foundation certification are administered by Axelos and its Accredited Training Organizations (ATOs) or Accredited Examination Institutes.

Prepare for the ITIL Foundation exam with these tips:

With an ITIL course, you’ll be able to begin your preparation for the Foundation exam. It’s not required for the exam, of course. There are no educational prerequisites or courses on ITIL, as you can see.

ATMs and other ITIL training providers offer ITIL certification training. The ITIL Foundation exam is being provided by several of them if they can give the exam.

Which is the best ITIL training provider?

An ITIL course provider should meet the following criteria to answer this question:

  • There is much expertise in the IT industry and IT service management among the professors. They will also provide you with relevant examples from their own experiences. Anyone can answer the ITIL Foundation exam questions with the help of these.
  • What kind of course materials can you expect from them? What’s this, a study manual? How to start preparing for the ITIL Foundation Exam? What are a process map’s benefits? Handouts? The ITIL Foundation exam will be a breeze with them in hand.
  • What are your preferences? Classroom or Online?
    • Self-paced online ITIL courses are typically less expensive than classroom options. Exam preparation requires access from any location, and videos are an excellent tool for reinforcing what you have learned. So, many people are choosing to participate in online training sessions.
  • To pass the ITIL Foundation exam, would you be provided with post-training assistance?
  • An ITIL Foundation exam boosts your self-confidence if you have taken the full-length exam.

Last words

With so many other businesses currently using ITIL, are you ready to follow them? A set of best practices and principles, the framework is focused on organizational culture transformations and zeal to embrace change in the workplace. Suppose you’re an IT service manager who wants to further your career and ensure that your outputs are always efficient and successful. In that case, ITIL is the certification for you.


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