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LBSNAA: Lal Bahadur Shastri National Academy Of Administration

by priyanka singh

LBSNAA is a national academy of administration that has many branches across the country. It is spread over with a total area of 6.17 sq meters and has around 1000 seats offering degree courses in various fields of business, science, and arts. The motto “speak less, listen to more” sums up its approach to education. In recent years, this is one of the best institutions for studying management because it provides high quality education along with excellent training so as to equip students with skills that match international standards.

What is LBSNAA?

It is in fact the finest training institute for civil servants of India. This was established by the government of India with the purpose of training its civil servants and officers in the different ministries.

It was first conceived by CD Deshmukh who was also a renowned economist, while serving as Finance Secretary under Nehru’s government. Lal Bahadur Shastri later became Prime Minister after Nehru’s death and saw through this project which had been shelved then.

How can I join this?

You have to be a graduate in any discipline and you cannot be less than 25 years of age to join this training institution. You will have to meet the minimum standards of each course on the basis of written exams and interview rounds.

LBSNAA has three departments:

  1. Department of Public Administration
  2. The Department of Rural Development and Panchayati Raj
  3. Department of Tourism Management Information Technology

Each department has its own eligibility criteria, there are specific requirements for each but the minimum standard is graduation in any discipline from a recognized university.

There is one common test which is held for all courses which gauges your aptitude, intelligence and reasoning skills among others. Apart from that, all courses have their own specific exams, interviews and the minimum eligibility is graduation with good marks in the different subjects.

The courses offered by the institution are PGDM and MPA (Public Administration), MBA (Tourism Management), MSc (IT) and BBA. The duration of each course is one year.

You have to give an entrance test to compete for a seat in this institution; there is no undue influence or pressure put on you while giving your exam. 

LBSNAA has its own entrance test which is conducted by UPSC, the result of which appears within a week of your sitting for it. There are two categories of seats available: general and reserved.

What if someone fails in this?

Failing in the test does not necessarily mean that you will not get a seat. There are various other ways to enter the institute and there is no one way out for this recruitment process. You will have to keep trying for a long time, even after failing in LBSNAA because it is hard to get a seat at MCLAI or SPA as well.

How much does this cost?

It depends on which course you want to take but if you want to be admitted into MSc (IT), it will cost Rs. 5 lakhs per year while around Rs 1 lakh per month will be required if you are admitted into BBA, MBA or PGDM under these courses.

What should I do to prepare for this?

To prepare for this test, you have to study a lot of material and you will have to work with a lot of dedication. However, it is advisable that you do not memorize the answers because most of these questions are based on reasoning skills and analytical ability rather than being specific. You should answer each question with care and in detail, giving your opinion and analysis.


LBSNAA: Lal Bahadur Shastri National Academy Of Administration

The syllabus for LBSNAA consists of:


It is one of the most important topics in LBSNAA as it comes up quite often in the tests; therefore, you must be aware of it thoroughly. You have to have a very good knowledge of the basics like mean, median, mode, standard deviation and the like. You must also understand the concepts of sampling and sampling distribution of a given population.


This is another very important subject because most of your tests will be based on this. Apart from that, you will be expected to know every single member in the cabinet, their roles and responsibilities as well as their background information. Therefore, it is very important that you study this subject thoroughly to make it to the institute.

General English

In LBSNAA, they expect you to speak in a manner that is free from grammatical errors. They expect you to speak fluently with no hesitation or prolonged pauses. You should speak in proper English structures with long sentences, avoiding onomatopoeia and the like.

Body Language

This is very important because LBSNAA is a very serious place. It is well known for its strict discipline and you need to respect that. You have to behave properly at all times while presenting yourself properly in front of superiors.

Public Speaking

This is one skill that every civil servant must possess but be warned. They do not expect you to be a natural speaker; they will make you practice a lot in this area. Interviewer will also make you redo the same presentation at least three times because they want to be sure that you can make your speech without any errors.


You will have to learn how to interact with people in a proper manner. How to give and take orders, how to listen and respond. You must not hold back valuable information or hide anything from your superiors. 


You will have to know how computers work and what commands they accept; it is advised that you should have a basic understanding of IT subjects like HCI, windows, etc.

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